Airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are predominantly described as airguns that use 6mm or 8mm BB plastic bullet. Over time, various systems and types of guns have been introduced, including spring-powered, electric powered, gas-powered, and CO2-powered. There are also many classifications based on their operation, including Non-blowback (NBB)This type of airsoft features a very low amount of moving parts making it very reliable, pistols that are non blowback use all of the force of each shot to propel the bullet and not to perform any other action making them typically more powerful than a gas blowback and use less gas.

Gas blowback (GBB) airsoft guns are a type of airsoft that designed to closely replicate the functionality and recoil of actual firearms. GBB airsoft are renowned for their realistic operation and provide a more authentic shooting experience compared to non-blowback or electric airsoft guns., and some even replicas that eject shell casings while carrying BB pellets.Airsoft, whether for recreational play or simulation training, offers a wide range of versatility with numerous systems and gun types developed over time.

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