About Hwasan

HAWSAN was established 42 years ago. In the beginning, we produced air guns as a local retailer around almost 20 years with only 5 stores.

Around 10 years ago, we noticed that it wasn’t enough. So we start expanding our local business and getting stronger.

Moreover, Five years ago, we also established a new brand called “BCS Survival Game” and expanding to 16 stores at the same time.

Therefore, we keep chasing the best configuration and creating our own value. For right now, keeping expanding and maintaining our excellent quality and services are the most important things that we are pursuing right now or in the future.

2021 M84

A legendary design by John Moses Browning, the genius who was always one step ahead of his time. With the predecessor model too, Browning demonstrated his innovative side. Even today, military and special forces all over the world still put their trust in this robust and pioneering design. As is fitting for a legendary Browning, the GPDA 9 is of course superbly engineered: We have optimized it with a double action trigger, in addition to the functional slide stop lever, a catch with decocking function that can be operated from either side. Browning GPDA 9 - the gas signal gun for professionals in the heavy 9 P.A.K. caliber. Black, plastic grips.

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